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Yosh~ Finally~

Ok... After some time to edit everything and getting the new translations for chapter 1 and two... I can say... Finally... I've got some time to upload it here too~ ^o^ Yay! First, I'll edit all the pages, so the English will be better... Second, the size is a bit bigger, third, I'll use a different font and fourth... a new page will be added to chapter one to make the flow of the story a bit smoother~

Thanks everyone for the patience with me~ I'm just terribly lazy. The German version reached chapter 4 already~~ So I hope to update a lot to be able to catch up... XD Yay! *enthusiastic* XD

Ah~ Someone knows how to make a pretty layout?? O_o It's really difficult here... I'm ok with LJ or so, but here it's really... weird... O_o

Have a nice day~~

posted by baranamtara @ June 5th, 2008, 7:22 am  -  0 Comments

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