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Ah~~ Finally~~ And I'm sorry... m(_ _)m

After about half a year... I finally found someone to help me translate. I'll edit the old pages and upload new ones as soon, as the translator is done with the work~~ XD I'm really happy this chapter finally got a happy end! ^u^

It's been a really long time, ne??
And I'm so sorry for not updating at all. I just hate to translate it to English, cause it wasn't a English comic to begin with... It's difficult for me to translate all that... T_T
So I'm really sorry...

I hope to edit the old pages this month... Maybe in March there will be new pages. Finally... ^^

I also feel like making a new layout. The old one was just for fun anyways... But this time, I want to work hard, making a pretty one... ^^

posted by baranamtara @ February 2nd, 2008, 3:20 pm  -  0 Comments

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